Haircut - $24

Haircuts are the most popular services provided by our shop in Langford. Different haircut styles are available to accommodate all types of people and preferences. Modern hair cutting techniques are implemented to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Buzz Cut - $20

A buzz cut consists of various short hairstyles, typically with the help of electric clippers. Some of the famous buzz cuts are flattop and butch cut.

Kids Cut Under 12 - $20

Some of the best and everyday hairstyles for kids include fade haircut, spiky hairs, slick back, crop haircut, crew cutting, and side part cut. Our barbers are well-experienced in excellently cutting kids hair.

Hot Towel Shave - $35

Hot towel shave can relax your skin by soothing the irritated part and promote healthy skin. Ingrown hair is also easily removed by hot towel shave, so if you want glowing, healthy skin, you should avail out hot towel shave.

Hair Wash - $10

We offer the best hair washing services in Langford as we make use of the premium hair products suitable to your hair type. A hair wash makes freshens up your hair and makes the haircutting and styling process smooth.

Fade- $24

Fade hairstyles have become immensely popular in the last few years. It involves cutting the hair on your back steadily and trim the hair nearer to the neck.

Senior - $20

We have specialized haircuts for senior citizens. Such cuts are personalized according to the face structure and requirements of our clients. Our professional barbers can help the seniors in choosing the best cut for themselves, which will make look fresh and young.

Beard Trim - $15

Langford Barber Shop offers different types of beard trims according to your requirements and personality. If you need a quick trim before going to an event or party, we are here to accommodate you with the best and the fastest trimming services.

Haircut & Shave - $50

An excellent haircut and a proper shave can give you an instant glow-up. Our expert stylists can help you in getting the best hairstyle and shave according to your personality. Different types of shaves and trimming services can be availed in a comfortable environment.